Didi No 1 Season 9 Audition & Registration

Didi No 1 Season 9 Audition & Registration

About Didi No 1

Didi Number 1 is a Bengali Game Show for females, where the host of this show challenges the contestants with various questions or games. If the contestants can solve those questions or games, they can get various interesting gifts and the one who gets the highest number will get the title of Didi No. 1.

Not only limited to games and prizes but this TV show is also an inspirational program. Different girls or women come here as contestants and tell their inspirational stories to the audience. There are also people who have been inspired and benefited from hearing that story.

Didi No 1 Host/Anchor

Didi No. 1 TV series was first aired in 2010 on Zee Bangla TV channel. Season 1 was hosted by Bengali actress Pushpita Mukherjee. We have provided below a list of all seasons and hosts for your convenience

Season 1Puspita Mukherjee
Season 2Rachana Banerjee
Season 3June Malia
Season 4Rachana Banerjee
Season 5Debashree Roy
Season 6Rachana Banerjee
Season 7Rachana Banerjee
Season 8Rachana Banerjee

Didi No 1 and Rachna Banerjee

Currently, the 8th season of Didi No. 1 is running on the Zee Bangla TV channel. The current season host of this show is popular Bengali evergreen actress Rachna Banerjee.

Zee Bangla Didi No. 1 show has a very old relationship with Rachna Banerjee. She has been involved with Didi No. 1 since the 2nd season of this show. Rachna Banerjee is currently one of the attractions of this Bangla game show.

Didi No 1 Show Timings and Channel

This Bangla TV game show is on the Zee Bangla TV channel from the very beginning. At present, you can watch Didi No 1 Season 8 Bangla game show from Monday to Saturday at 5 pm only on Zee Bangla.

Didi No 1 Season 9

No official announcement has been received from Zee Bangla about when the 9th season of Didi No. 1 Women’s Game Show will start. However, we think that the 9th season of this show may start in 2021.

Didi No 1 Registration

Many people think that auditions are taken only when there is a new season but this idea is not correct. Haven’t you seen that in every episode of Didi No. 1, new girls or women come as contestants? So it is easy to guess that it is occasionally auditioned for interested female candidates to go to this show.

Didi No 1 Audition and Online Registration

If you want to know about the place, time, etc. of the audition, all of you have to keep an eye on the Zee Bangla TV channel and Zee’s official website.

All the details of the candidate such as name, address, age, educational qualifications etc. have to be given at the time of online registration for the audition of Didi No. 1.

After registration, you will be called for the audition of Didi No. 1, then the audition place will be informed. If they find your story interesting or inspiring, they will invite you to the Didi No 1 show.

Didi No 1 Email Address

In order to go to the audition for Didi Number One, you had to go to the Zee Bangla website and register, but now you can get a call for the audition by emailing their official email address.

Didi No 1 Email Address

Zee Bangla Didi No 1 Official Email is-

What to write in the email?

You have to send your name, valid mobile number, address, age, educational qualification and of course your profession etc. to Didi no 1 official email address.

In addition to all of the above, you will attach a current photo to that email.

They will listen to the story of your struggle after they call you to audition.


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  1. Mousumi kundu

    I m mousumi kundu and i m basically delhi but i marreid in calcutta nd i have a 5month baby girl. I have a four person in my family my dad my mom my sister nd including me. I want come to didi no 1 becase aami middle class er mey and aamar parents khub suggle kore aamak study koriey nijer paaey dariey diey aamak biey dijeyche. Aeykhono suggle cholche virus te aamader kaaj chole jaaey aami nijer parents help kore oder onek haapy rakhte chaai.

    1. Mousumi kundu

      I m very big fan of didi no. 1. This show is give to me inspreation how to suggle ur life and stand with ur family members

      1. Gopal Das

        Ami prity halder & my sister koyel das. Amra kalna, purbo bardhman theke likhchi, amra ekhon student. We’re big fan of rachana banerjee. Amra Didi No 1 e jete chai. Ami ey show theke inspiration pai, ma babar pase daranor. Amader ma baba onek struggle kore amader study continue korachen. Amader jiboner sob golpo sonate tomar kache jete chai.

  2. Koel Mukherjee

    I am Koel Mukherjee. I am an engineer working in Pune. My hometown is in New Town, Kolkata. I recently got married. But I have a huge struggle story behind my marriage. I would like to share my story with all of you. I get a lot of motivation from the struggle stories narrated by the contestants on the show. I am sure my story will also motivate others to move ahead in life.

  3. sarnali roy chowdhury

    I am Sarnali Roy Chowdhury. I am a Graphics Designer Working.I m very big fan of Didi no. 1. I want to Audition Didi NO 1.

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