Jamtara Web Series – Sabka Number Ayega | Netflix 2020

Jamtara Web Series – Sabka Number Ayega | Netflix 2020

Jamtara Web Series Info

  • Web Series Name: Jamtara – Sabka Number Ayega
  • Director: Soumendra Padhi
  • Writer: Trishant Srivastava
  • Genre: Crime, Drama
  • Release Date: 10th January 2020
  • Network: Netflix

Jamtara Web Series Plot

Jamtara Web Series is based on online money forgery. Some group of boys of Jamtara District of Jharkhand used to call random people and asked them about their Debit/Credit Card details and transfer the amount from others accounts to their accounts. The Police of Jamtara Districts wants to stop it.

Jamtara Web Series Cast

  • Sparsh Shrivastav as Sunny
  • Monika Panwar as Gudiya
  • Anshuman Pushkar as Rocky
  • Aksha Pardasany as Dolly Sahu
  • Amit Sial as Brajesh Bhaan
  • Dibyendu Bhattacharya as Biswa Pathak
  • Sarfaraz Ali Mirza as Ponto
  • Aatm Prakash Mishra as Bachhu

Jamtara Web Series Episodes

There is a total of 10 (Ten) episodes in the Jamtara Web Series and every episode is about 25 to 30 minutes long except the last episode which is about 50 minutes long.

Jamtara Web Series watch online

You must subscribe to Netflix to watch Jamtara Web Series. If you want to subscribe to Netflix, click here.

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About Jamtara Web Series

Netflix is a common name in the world of web series or TV series. Everyone who watches the web series roughly knows about Netflix. They publish Web Series in Hindi as well as the English language. Currently, the circulation of Netflix across the world including India has increased much more than ever before. Today we will talk about Netflix’s published Jamatara Web Series. So now we will go straight to the web series trailer without delay which is given below.

Jamtara Web Series Trailer

What we found out after watching the trailer of Jamtara Web Series was that some of the boys who live in Jamtara district of Jharkhand State were calling random numbers by pretending a bank employee, or a lottery company employee and transfer the amount from the people’s account to their accounts. And on the other hand, the Jamtara District Police who are desperately trying to catch the boys. This cybercrime related to online money theft is called “Phishing”.

Sunny (Sparsh Shrivastav) was the most experienced of all those involved in this corrupt act in the web series called Jamtara. Sunny was the only one of the other guys in the area to earn what they earned all day. And this is exactly why Sunny’s brother Rocky (Anshuman Pushkar) and the area’s MP Brajesh Bhaan (Amit Sial) tried to get Sunny to join their team. But Sunny wanted to work alone. Sunny was supported by many in this regard such as Gudiya (Monika Panwar), Ponto, Bachhu, etc.

Gudiya wanted to marry Sunny for his money only and on the other hand, Sunny wanted to marry Gudiya because she knew good English and with the help of English they wanted to earn more money. Gudiya wanted Sunny’s money to go to Canada because she didn’t want to stay in that village. Since Sunny,  did not join Brajesh the MP, he sought to harm Sunny and his wife Gudiya. And the cops were trying to arrest Brajesh and Sunny Because they were all involved in this Phishing.

Finally, Gudiya assisted Police to arrest the area’s MP Brajesh red-handed and Sunny was shot dead by the followers of the local MP Brajesh Bhaan. We think Gudiya was probably able to go to Canada. Do you think Gudiya has moved to Canada? Let us know in comments below.

At last, we would like to say that the web series is very well shown, though actors and actresses were not very famous. You will never feel bored throughout the entire web series and the Jamtara Web Series will be a good way to spend your time in this Quarantine days.


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