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The Family Man Season 2

Manoj Vajpayee and his co-stars have once again proved that the audience can be entertained by such great performances. Like Season 1 of The Family Man Hindi Web Series, viewers will enjoy this season too. In this 2nd season, you will see a new and main character called Raji and this character is played by Samantha Akkineni, the actress of Tamil and Telugu film industries. Samantha Akkineni’s performance alone is enough to watch this nine-episode Hindi TV series with concentration. Since Manoj Vajpayee is also in the series, the viewers are one hundred per cent likely to like it.

The Family Man Season 2 Episodes

The Family Man Season 2 web series has a total of 9 episodes, each of the episodes is about 40 minutes on average and each episode has a specific name.

  • Episode 1 Exile
  • Episode 2 Weapon
  • Episode 3 Angel of Death
  • Episode 4 Eagle
  • Episode 5 Homecoming
  • Episode 6 Martyrs
  • Episode 7 Collateral Damage
  • Episode 8 Vendetta
  • Episode 9 The Final Act

The Family Man Season 2 Cast

The Family Man Season 2 tv series features actors/actresses from both the Hindi and Tamil film industries, so the series will feature Hindi as well as Tamil, so it would be best to watch this web series with Subtitle.

The Family Man Season 2 IMDb Rating

The official rating of Season 2 is not given on the official website of IMDB, but the ratings of Season 1 and 2 are given together. The 9 episodes of The Family Man Season 2 are rated separately and are listed below.

  • Episode 1 Exile IMDb Rating 9.4
  • Episode 2 Weapon IMDb Rating 9.3
  • Episode 3 Angel of Death IMDb Rating 9.4
  • Episode 4 Eagle IMDb Rating 9.5
  • Episode 5 Homecoming IMDb Rating 9.4
  • Episode 6 Martyrs IMDb Rating 9.6
  • Episode 7 Collateral Damage IMDb Rating 9.5
  • Episode 8 Vendetta IMDb Rating 9.7
  • Episode 9 The Final Act IMDb Rating 9.6

Looking at the list above, we can assume that the average IMDb rating is 9.5 for the entire web series.

The Family Man Season 2 Trailer

The official teaser for Season 2 of the TV series was published on Amazon Prime’s YouTube channel on 13th January 2021, but the official trailer was uploaded four months later, on 19th May 2021.

The Family Man Season 2 Watch Online

To watch The Family Man Season 2 online, you need to have a prime video account and subscription. If you do not have them, you can subscribe by clicking on this link. For only Rs. 339/- you will get a 90-days subscription, which will give you more benefits than just Prime Video.

The Family Man Season 2 Download

To download, you need to have a prime video account from which you can save or download as offline content.

Downloading or streaming a movie or web series illegally is a criminal offence, for which you can be fined or even imprisoned.


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